[Venue Change] ACX Montreal Meetup May 27th 2023

Important! Venue change.


Come on out to the ACX (Astral Codex Ten) Montreal Meetup! We will be hosting a discussion on nerds vs hipsters.

Recommended reading:

  • All the nerds are dead (13m read) - The article discusses the decline of “nerd culture” and its impact on the entertainment industry, suggesting that the future may involve a return to genuine mass art or a descent into cultural barbarism.

  • Contra Kriss On Nerds And Hipsters (7m read) - Scott Alexander discusses Sam Kriss’ definition of hipsters and nerds, suggesting that both groups invest their identity in cultural products, with hipsters focusing on discovering things first and nerds showing devotion to well-known products.

  • (Optional*) Highlights From The Comments On Nerds And Hipsters (20m read)

*By that I mean, even more optional than the others; you’re welcome to join us even if you don’t read the posts.

New Venue: Jeanne-Mance Park, at the corner of Duluth and Esplanade. Rough location here: https://​​plus.codes/​​87Q8GC89+37

Date & Time: Saturday, May 27th, 2023, 1:00-4:00 PM. It will be sunny, so we will be able to meet outside and enjoy the good weather.

RSVPing is not mandatory but it helps with planning the event and encourages others to come.

Email me at acxmontreal@gmail.com with questions.

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