London rationalish meetup—relinquishing curiosity

We’re trying out an experimental meetup format this month, based on an idea from Maia, one of the DC organizers. The theme is “relinquishing curiosity”. The idea is:

1. We’ll briefly discuss and brainstorm things we want to know a bit more about. Feel free to have something in mind when you arrive (I want to understand Noether’s theorem better) or to let the discussion help you think of things.
2. We’ll split and research things. My guess is we’ll go for 15-30 minutes, depending what sorts of things people are looking into.
3. We’ll come back and briefly discuss what we learned and whether we want to know more about it.
4. Hopefully we’ll have time for another round. People can keep researching the same thing, or move on to something else.

We’ll be on the terrace of Newspeak House. I recommend bringing a laptop; there’s power and wifi available. We’ll start this part of the meetup around 3.

(Reminder that I don’t reliably crosspost events here. The easiest way to keep up with them is probably either the Facebook or WhatsApp group, or /​r/​londonrationalish has an RSS feed. I can’t post the link to the WhatsApp group publicly for spam reasons, but feel free to message me for it.)