July Meet Up—Utrecht

Hoping to bring together rationalists from across the Netherlands. This will be the first meetup of an attempt to revive the scene in NL. So far:

  1. We have a discord. It’s fairly active with over 30 members within 2 week. It contains discussion on events and articles: https://​​discord.gg/​​EvjhSs8sFP

  2. A census doc to vote on what activities you’d like to see: https://​​docs.google.com/​​spreadsheets/​​d/​​1vPy7_pfMp0ek_pxx6WLmdAdcdIcSSW9n1GWdPh7h120/​​edit?usp=sharing

  3. An open invite DnD group for rationalists. The location is a bit out of the way but I’ll DM a group for whoever wants as a way to meet more rationalists. More details on the discord.

Date set to the 16th! Location details within Utrecht will follow.

With that out of the way, just wanna say I’m super psyched and hope to see you there!

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