Authentic Relating Games

Meet inside The Shops at Waterloo Town Square—we will congregate in the seating area with the trees sticking out in the middle of the benches at 7pm for 15 minutes, and then head over to my nearby apartment’s amenity room.

Special Instructions

Bring something that can work as a blindfold and wear a plain t-shirt, if possible.


This week I’ll be leading some authentic relating games, again!

This is allowed because according to a sentimental cartogaphy linked in one of acx’s linkposts, authentic authentic relating is totally a part of rationality, guys.

Also people had a really great time at the previous one last year. Boom, social proof!

Things to expect and prepare for, for those who haven’t been to one of these before: edgy questions, physical touch, emotional connection, and a heightened sense of self-awareness. You can of course opt out from any individual game.

For more information, you can check out the Authentic Relating Games Mini-Manual for free on Gumroad, or just message me :)

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